Appendix 1--The Lexis of Modula-2

    A1.1 Reserved Words (Keywords)
    A1.2 Standard (Pervasive) Identifiers
    A1.3 Standard Symbols
    A1.4 Standard Operators

Appendix 2--Syntax Diagrams

    A2.1 Lexis
    A2.2 Syntax

Appendix 3--The Syntax of Modula-2

    A3.1 A Notation to Describe Languages
    A3.2 Some Examples of EBNF
    A3.3 The Syntax of Modula-2 in EBNF

Appendix 4--Classical Library Modules

    A4.1 High Level Input and Output
    A4.2 Mathematical Functions
    A4.3 SYSTEM and Other Low Level and System Access Modules
    A4.4 Storage
    A4.5 String Handling
    A4.6 File I/O
    A4.7 Character Information--ASCII

Appendix 5--ISO I/O Library

    A5.1 An Overview of the ISO I/O Library
    A5.2 I/O On Standard Channels
    A5.3 Supplied Channels
    A5.4 Specified Channels
    A5.5 Channel Constants--IOConsts
    A5.6 Device Independent Channel I/O--IOChan
    A5.7 Device Drivers
    A5.8 Device Module Constants--ChanConsts
    A5.9 Linking Drivers to Channels--IOLink

Appendix 6--ISO Support Modules for This Text

    A6.1 RedirStdIO
    A6.2 Files
    A6.3 Keyboard
    A6.4 CharBuffer
    A6.5 STerminal
    A6.6 ACSCI
    A6.7 SComplexIO
    A6.8 SLongComplexIO
    A6.9 ComplexIO
    A6.10 LongComplexIO
    A6.11 GraphPaper
    A6.12 GraphWindow

Appendix 7--ISO Required System Modules

    A7.1 SYSTEM

Appendix 8--ISO Utility and Information Modules

    A8.1 Characters and Strings
    A8.2 High Level String Conversion Modules
    A8.3 Low Level String Conversion Modules
    A8.4 SysClock--The Date and Time

Appendix 9--ISO Mathematics Library Module

    A9.1 RealMath
    A9.2 LongMath
    A9.3 ComplexMath
    A9.4 LongComplexMath

Appendix 10--ISO Process Support

    A10.1 Processes
    A10.2 Semaphores

Appendix 11--Modula-2 and Pascal

    A11.1 Statement Syntax Differences
    A11.2 Symbols
    A11.3 Overall Structure

Appendix 12--Generic Modula-2 Syntax

    A12.1 Keywords
    A12.2 Diagrams of Changes to Base Language Syntax
    A12.3 Generic Modula-2 Syntax Diagrams
    A12.4 Changes To the Syntax of the Base Language in EBNF
    A12.5 The Syntax of Generic Modula-2 in EBNF

Appendix 13--Object Oriented Modula-2 Syntax

    A13.1 Keywords and Pervasive Identifiers
    A13.2 Diagrams of Changes to Base Language Syntax
    A13.3 Object Oriented Modula-2 Syntax Diagrams
    A13.4 Changes To the Syntax of the Base Language in EBNF
    A13.5 The Syntax of Object Oriented Modula-2 in EBNF
    A13.6 Other Changes to the Base Language
    A13.7 ISO Libraries Supporting Object Oriented Modula-2

Appendix 14--Bibliography

Answers to Questions and Selected Problems