Chapter 5
Iterations, Enumerations, and Arrays

5.0 Chapter Goals
5.1 Abstract and Transparent Data Types in Modula-2
5.2 Making One's Own Data Types
     5.2.1 Ordinal and Enumerated Types
     5.2.2 Subranges Of Existing Types
     5.2.3 Summary of some Modula-2 compatibility issues:
     5.2.4 Summary of some Modula-2 types
     5.2.5 Making comparisons
5.3 Indexed Data Types--Arrays
     5.3.1 A First Look at String Variables
5.4 The FOR Statement
     5.4.1 The FOR Loop and the WHILE Loop
     5.4.2 The FOR Loop in Use
5.5 Manipulating Arrays
5.6 Arrays as Parameters
5.7 Multi-Dimensional Arrays
     5.7.1 Arrays of More than Two Dimensions
     5.7.2 Multidimensional Open Array Parameters
5.8 Manipulating Multi-Dimensional Arrays
5.9 An Extended Example (Finding Prime Numbers)
5.10 Chapter Summary
5.11 Assignments