Chapter 17
Advanced Applications

17.0 Chapter Goals
17.1 Standard and Non-Standard Numeric Types
17.2 Complex Numbers
     17.2.1 Complex Numbers Defined
     17.2.2 Implementing non-ISO Complex Numbers
     17.2.3 Testing the non-ISO Complex Implementation
     17.2.4 Opaque non-ISO Complex Numbers
     17.2.5 Testing the Opaque non-ISO Complex Implementation
17.3 ISO Complex Types and Support
     17.3.1 ISO COMPLEX Math Library Support
     17.3.2 Implementing ComplexMath
     17.3.3 Input and Output
17.4 Electrical Circuits and Complex Numbers
17.5 Very Long Cardinals--The Type Decimal
17.6 Binary Coded Decimal Fixed Point Types
     17.6.1 BCD Support in p1 Modula-2 (Optional)
17.7 A Suggested Project--Polynomials
17.8 The Date and Time
     17.8.1 The Module SysClock
     17.8.2 Time and Date I/O
     17.8.3 Time and Date Arithmetic
17.9 A Closer Look at Whole Number I/O
     17.9.1 Commmon Conversion Information Modules
     17.9.2 Scanning For Whole Number Input
     17.9.3 High Level String Conversion Routines
     17.9.4 High Level Whole Number I/O
17.10 Chapter Summary
17.11 Assignments