Chapter 8
Data Storage Issues

8.0 Chapter Goals
8.1 Storage--An Introduction

Part A--Machine and System Level Storage Issues

8.2 An Introduction to the Lower Level
     8.2.1 General Considerations
     8.2.2 Low Level Numeric Notations
     8.2.3 Machine Level Data Storage
     8.2.4 Hexadecimal and Octal Notation
8.3 High Level Access to Low Level Facilities in Modula-2
     8.3.1 The Module SYSTEM
     8.3.2 Variables at Fixed Addresses
     8.3.3 Hexadecimal and Octal Notation in Modula-2
8.4 Extended Low Level Examples
     8.4.1 Keyboard Reading--Operating System Level
     8.4.2 Generic Swap

Part B--Input, Output, and Files

8.5 Files--Introduction and Terminology
     8.5.1 Sequences, Streams, and Channels
     8.5.2 Sequential and Random Access Files
     8.5.3 Planning to Use Streams with Files
8.6 Text I/O in ISO Standard Modula-2
     8.6.1 The Restricted Stream Model
     8.6.2 The Rewindable Sequential Stream Model
     8.6.3 File Text I/O in non-Standard Modula-2
8.7 Binary I/O
8.8 Notes on File I/O
     8.8.1 Special Notes on the Macintosh Operating System
8.9 Standard Channel I/O in ISO Modula-2
8.10 Lower Level I/O in ISO Modula-2
8.11 An Extended Low Level I/O Example--TermFile
8.12 Chapter Summary
8.13 Assignments