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The Peace
Non Fiction
Arjay Enterprises

The Peace

a novel of the Timestream


Richard J. Sutcliffe

Warning: Only three chapters are here. If you are easily addicted, don't read them. If you like what you read, the whole thing is available from vendors listed on our bookstore.

SUMMARY: The Peace takes place on Hibernia (also called Greater Ireland, or Ortho Earth) and Tirdia (Prime)--where you live. The other known Earths-- Meta (the Builders' World), Babylon (or Para, Ortho's Federation partner), Water World, and Desert) do not enter into the story very much. Click here for a plot Synopsis.

Genres: Science Fiction (alternate worlds) Irish Themes and Christian Fiction.

NOTICE: All materials herein, and any accompanying sample chapters are copyright © 1986-2003 by Richard J. Sutcliffe and by Arjay Enterprises and neither the materials themselves nor any of the substance of the ideas, events, names, or plots therein may be copied, transmitted, revealed to any person not bound to these terms, or published or used in any form without the author's express written permission, except for the purpose of evaluating the publishability of the work here described. Any person receiving these materials who does not agree to these terms is requested to return them unread. Under no circumstances may a copy of any part of this document or of any of the work itself be made without including this notice.

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