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Culmanic Parts by Richard J. Sutcliffe

Culmanic Parts is alternate-history Irish-flavoured Christian science fiction and is the first Book in the series The Throne--a history of the alternate Earth called Hibernia, or Ortho Earth as the Metans term it.

Culmanic Parts is a small part of the alternate history story of two long-lived and hard-to-kill men, Samadeya-Qayin and Pelik-Qayin, the alternate continuations of the repentant and unrepentant Cain respectively, always deadly enemies, once Thor and Odin, but in the last millenium duelling over the High Kingship of Ireland.

Culmanic Parts presents the story behind the history of Hibernia's eleventh, fourteenth, and fifteenth centuries from the perspective of the three principal participants, each of whom loomed larger than life over their contemporaries.

There are three sections to the novel:

1. In a brief first person memoir presented as Druidess Catherine Ui Niall Meathe's diary entry, the prologue tells the early eleventh century story of Brian Boru's rescue by Cormac Meathe and Catherine Neal at Clontarf, and the subsequent elevation of Cormac and Catherine to an enduring Irish throne.

2. Following this, is an elaboration on the ancient play-opera known as All the Kings Horses, a very personal account of the life of Kate the Culmanic, the horse girl who helped Cullin Meathe and Rufus Maynard start the scientific revolution, and who became High Queen in the fourteenth century.

3. Mother's Girl tells the early life of fifteenth mystery woman, prodigy, and national heroine Amy Rea, adopted daughter of super-spy Carlan Rea, who renames the Culmanic "Science" and makes it her own, and who, with nine unlikely friends takes the Royal Academy at Tara by storm, suffers profound betrayals, and finally joins the Royal Army Naval Corps. Who is she, why is she The Mother's Girl, and why have the Assassin's Guild accepted three contracts on her life? A subsequent book Navy Girl or Rea's Blood, follows the rest of her career.

Events of Culmanic Parts play out on Hibernia, in the north of Ireland, at Clontarf, and principally at Tara, the capiital.

--- Book 1 of The Throne.
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