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Other News from Arjay Books

    Dec 24, 2002: Arjay Christian books was the featured site for January at Elizabeth Delayne's Christian fiction site. A new list of free fiction, including that of Rick Sutcliffe's, is located here.

    May 5, 2002: A news note at the Crowsnest SF Site says "Well, here's a genre that site creator Rick Sutcliffe seems to have cornered all to himself, Irish Christian SF." The site reviewer then asks: "Hmm. Is that Protestant or Catholic Christian, Rick." Well, the Orthans have only one Christian church organization. It's pastors are called priests, but it's bishops are elected, the High Bishop is at Tara in Ireland, not Rome, and it preaches the gospel of personal salvation. In summary, the Orthan Church is both evangelical and universal (catholic). Read the stories and see for yourself.
    Mar 15, 2002: Rick Sutcliffe was the Friday lunch keynote speaker at the EPIC (Electronically Published Internet Connection) conference in Seatle March 14-16, 2002. A copy of his address is here. Rick Sutcliffe presented the EPPIE for SF at the Seattle EPIC conference. More information on these awards and the nominees can be found here.
    Mar 8, 2002: A new anthology of Canadian eAuthors has just been published by ceAuthors and is now available here FREE. It includes a story from The Exile, the upcoming volume three of Rick Sutcliffe's The Interregnum.
    Dec 12, 2001: As of this date, Arjay Enterprises's WebNameHost became home to Canadian eAuthors (CeA) which features, showcases, and promotes Canadian writers who have been published electronically.
    Dec 7, 2001: After much reflection, I've produced an article giving my take on the September 11, 2001 attacks. It's located here.
    Nov 21, 2001: A new Arjay Enterprises site, opundo.com arrived just in time for international upside-down day on November 10. (01 11 10) Puns, feghoots, clean humour, English language observations and curiosities for the whole family.

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News of The Friends

    July 2001: What really happened at Glenmorgan? Who are Katherina's friends? Who are Meghan's? Is James IV still alive, manipulating events behind the scenes? Will any of the royals survive Clan MacCarthy's high-tech vendetta to the end of the sixty-year interregnum? The second book of The Interregnum is now available. If you want to review The Friends, contact us. The website information on The Timestream has been expanded, reorganized, and updated. An article on the weights and measures of Ortho Earth is available.
    For those who become confused in following the story line of The Interregnum there is also a genealogy of the royals and a glossary of terms used in The Interregnum available. These two files are now included in each of the books.
News of The Peace

    I've put a fine new review of the Peace up from a fan. Have a look.
    As of June 2001, my late unlamented former publisher listed The Peace as its number one best seller.
    Big news for 2001 04 09:Well known SF reviewer Tom Easton writing his "Reference Library" column in the May 2001 edition of Analog magazine, concludes of The Peace "The pace and prose are well up to the standard familiar in paper books, and the convolutions of politics and character are enough to satisfy any fan of epics. It's worth its price, and then some." There is a copy of the full review here.

    2001 04 02: The Peace was e-book of the month for March 2001 at Celia Ann Leaman's site. Her books are here.
    Kim Ganoa has some very nice things to say in Kim's reviews. I have a copy here.
    2000 11 01: The Peace was nominated for The Frankfurt awards in the fall of 2000. It didn't win, but hey, that's life.

Ethics and Technology Book now available

    2000 07 25: The Fourth Civilization-Ethics Society and Technology is available on this site and now has an index. Originally written on contract for a major publisher, this text is used in Professor Sutcliffe's senior computing course on ethical issues in technology at TWU.

The Peace--Christian Science Fiction with an Irish flavour

    In a sufficiently hi-tech society numerous individuals are capable of mass destruction via nuclear or biological weapons. To survive, civilization requires a pervasive moral code limiting the use of technology, but in a fallen world this needs policing, and so do the police.
    Writers Exchange now publishes Rick Sutcliffe's novel "The Peace." Available in electronic form (PDF, HTML, Rocket, Palm, CD) from the publisher and fine e-book retailers, as well as in paper from Booksurge, "The Peace" was the first in a new multi-volume series "The Interregnum"--a novel of the Timestream.
    James IV, most Christian High King of a very different Ireland, is deposed in 1941 by a cabal of his nobles. Exiled to Irish North America, he and his cousins find unlikely romance, promote traditional honour, and counter genocidal high-tech schemes. Sergeant Brian McIlhargey carries on the fight in a later generation.
    Who arranged the King's deposition and exile? Which cousin has he become? Who are Brian's mysterious young wards? What really happened at the battle of Glenmorgan? Why does a mere Sergeant possess two of the three royal swords? Can one family stand against the corrupt rulers of two worlds? What if one of its own members goes bad?
    Sutcliffe's fiction may appeal to fans of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. It spotlights Christian ideas in a high-tech society very different from ours. This is soft science fiction, sword but not sorcery, good clean reading, and an exciting, fast-paced page turner--suitable for both teenagers and adults.
For interviews or signings contact Rick Sutcliffe
Full text of original press release Here and also on PR Web       Buy Here

New home for Modula-2 materials

    As of June 1, 2000 The Modula-2 FAQ for comp.lang.modula-2 and the Shareware Modula-2 textbook have their homes here at Arjay Enterprises. Both have been freshly revised and updated. The old locations at Trinity Western University will continue, but may not always be up to date.
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