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The Builder by Richard J. Sutcliffe

The Builder is alternate-history Irish-flavoured Christian science fiction and is the sequel to The Peace, The Friends, The Exile, The General and The Nexus (Volumes One to Five of The Interregnum).

The Builder continues Mara's story following the street battle in Tara through her engagement, her disgrace at court, her defection to the MacCarthys, the unravelling of the MacCarthy plot to destroy Tara, her discovery of the truth about her father's death and partial truths about someone who owes her a blood debt.

Truth also comes to John Dominic's children, albeit too late, and the new Earth where Dominic relocates is lost in the Timestream. Can the one who triggered the Nexus and has now misplaced the new earth find it again? Can he find himself?

Repentance, and an opportunity to make things right, comes to Tiffany Friesen, who did Lucas great harm, but who is herself far more than she seems. So is the badly beaten and half-drowned man she rescues from the canal one night, then takes to see the implaccable Nellie Hacker.

Neither comes easily to Roger Hyland (the Builder of Tara), the CRAE CCC who constructs railways on land, underwater, and in space, but rejects spiritual realities, despite his friends' earnest pleas. One of the latter, however, beards the King in his own den, to rather unexpected results.

Finally, from Metan MS, we learn of the initial three Nexi, of the first Builder, and of his age-old nemesis who plots time and again to either rule the earths or destroy them all.

As this sixth story cycle concludes, the stage is set for the definitive second battle of Glenmorgan, whose outcome will determine who next will sit on Tara's fabled throne.

Events of The Builder play out on Hibernia at Tara, Moody, Toronto, India, in space, and at Kildare and Kilatchie, as well as in Chilliwack and Aldergrove on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada (Tirdia) and in the Builder's City and Hemon's home on Meta.

--- Volume 6 of The Interregnum.
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