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Free Fiction

This page serves as an index or portal to free pieces written by Rick Sutcliffe and others. I am not responsible for all content linked to in the general section (such sites can be expected to be a mixed bag), but will examine the material available under other categories. Authors of free fiction are welcome to a link in a specific category provided the marerial is not in any sense "adult", defamatory of any group or religion, or excessively violent.

Specifically I don't want to link to material if it:

  • has racy or steamy sex scenes or favourably depicts sexual relations between other than a married man and woman,
  • describes violent scenes in an unduely graphic manner,
  • is hostile to a specific race, nationality, or religion,
  • portrays vulgar language and behaviour as though it were normal,
  • promotes a secular way of thinking,
  • promotes computer cracking or hacking,
  • resides on a site or is written by a person who sends out unsolicited or bulk eMail.

Free Fiction from Rick Sutcliffe

Canadian eAuthors' Anthology

There is a story from Rick Sutcliffe's The Exile--Volume III of The Inrerregnum in the anthology by the Canadian eAuthors' group CeAuthors. This is a collection of wonderful stories in various genres (fiction and non-fiction) accompanied with pictures taken by Canadians across the country. You can view the anthology right here on this site, or, if you prefer, you can download it in

PDF format     zipped HTML format     zipped large print HTML format

Read the eAnthology, enjoy a taste of Canada, and go to the authors' web sites for more information about their works.
Note: You need Acrobat reader to read a PDF file, and you need a program like Winzip on Windows or Stuffit on the Mac to unzip a zip file.

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