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The Timestream: Prime

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"Earth" to some six billion people, many of whom speak English as a first or second language. Dominated by "The United States of America," which has no counterpart on any other earth. On Prime, the Irish were conquered by the English and remained a subject state for seven centuries. This is the planet where the Christ was crucified, an event known of on all the other planets. Ironically, the percentage of believers is the lowest on Prime of any known earth.

Prime is the home of The Professor, his sometimes assistant Nellie Hacker, the Lucas Dominic/Caine, the characters in the dialogues introducing the chapters of The Fourth Civilization--Ethics, Society, and Technology, and characters in The Builder. Prime is the world that splits and becomes two, both in the long nexus of 29AD - 1014AD and also in the nexus of Fall 2000.

Of great concern to the Federation are Prime's nuclear technology and biological technologies. As there is no pervasive Christian moral influence on Prime, there are effectively no restraints on the deployment of these. The world that spawned Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Amin, and other mass murderers of her own people seems perpetually poised on the brink of self-annihilation.

Capital: None. (There are many small nations.); Currency: Varies by region. Language: nearly 6000 spoken; Government: varies, but democracy is common; Christian church: divided into many denominations.

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