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The Interregnum -- Glossary of terms

aircar -
a four- to six-passenger short range jet
Alicia and Aileen -
A.I. programs created by Nellie Hacker
amphora -
a crystal or stone perfume holder worn by a woman on a chain around her neck as a promise of her virginity. The amphora or a substitute is broken at her wedding (cf. crossed heart)
Amsterdam - largest Orthan cadet school does field commission upgrades as well as regular officer training
Architect, the - Metan name for God
ard - high, head, chief, first
Armaugh - old Church centre, now houses the low armoury
Armory, high - orbital, nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons stored there
Armoury, low -
at Armaugh, guns stored there for emergencies
Babylon -
capitol of Para, sometimes used for the planet
bard - a brehon, a seanacha, or a filea
Berea - the orphanage Elbon (John Dominic) runs on Prime
bishop - an elected local church administrator
Boru, Brian - High King of Ireland at Clontarf, founder of Ortho's enduring kingdom
brehon - an Irish judge
Builder, the -
chairs the council of elders on Meta
bushido - Japanese, similar to Irish "honour"
cent - abbrev. centistaff, hundredth part of a staff measure, 2 centimetres
Centralia - seat of government for South America
- Orthan term for a credential equivalent to a doctorate
Chamberlain, Lord - a court official who convenes the house and announces decisions with a staff of office
"Christian Doctrine in Faith and Practice" - title of the Bishops' 1801 encyclical defining and defending Christian doctrines
client state -
a locally governed region of Ortho responsible to the crown
Clontarf - location of the 1014 battle where the Irish defeated the Norse
Commerceman (woman) - a non-noble engaging in business or trade
Conclave of Jerusalem - 1795 meeting of bishops that began the great reformation
Covenant of the Living - 1801 ban on nuclear, chemical and biological warfare, later extended to projectiles and all human genetic engineering
crossed heart - a pendant on a chain; worn by a man as a promise of his virginity until marriage (cf. amphora)
Crown - Ireland's crown, used in both physical and abstract senses
crown -
ten pennies, the tenth part of a shamrock
daimyo -
Japanese for lord
Desert -
a timestream world with a large tracts of land uninhabitable because of radioactivity from a nuclear war
domain -
either a territory or an executive (cabinet) post held directly under Tara's authority
domain lord - holder of a domain
Donal - for Donal Tobin, became the title of his office of First Lord
- a. unfortunate b. slow witted
electrical engineering certificate
East West War - 1745-1750 only nuclear war on Ortho (Japan bombed)
Edwardston - small settlement in location of Prime's Calgary, seat of government for central INA
emerald - used on Ortho to signify a betrothal
emerald shamrock, the - an emerald carving made for Seamus' mother
Enemy, the - Metan name for Satan
Executive - one or all of the high ministers of Tara's crown (about fifteen)
Federation - Para and Ortho; formed 1801
feis - a festival or a contest
feiseanna - multiple festivals or games in a single venue
First Lord - a. first speaker in the house of lords b. a local ruler (king)
fostering -
Irish term for adopting out or in
Friends, the - a. those of Katherina b. Mara's organization
front row -
the fifteen highest-ranked (by sword) of the court's nobles
GAC - General Administration Certificate
Gaelic (also Ortho Gaelic) - language of Ortho
- a Japanese term for mutual obligation
Glenfinnan - location of Scottish games; seat of Scotland's protector
Glenmorgan - Morgan's glen before purchase by family Devereaux; site of battle in 1977
great hall - central foyer in Tara's palace giving access to courtroom, offices, living quarters
green chair - Ireland's carved jade throne
groundcar -
a four- to twelve-passenger hovercraft
H.E.I.O.U. - Ireland's motto, variously rendered as: "Hiberniae est imperare orbi universo" or Hiberniae Erit In Orbe Ultima", respectively "Hibernia will rule over all (the world)" or "Hibernia will exist until the world ends."
High Bishop - the bishop of Tara, votes the Church's sword, ex officio an Executive member
high family - one of Tara's noble families
High King - ruler of Ireland, hence of Ortho and the Federation
holder - one entrusted with a domain under the crown of Ireland
Irish North America
interregnum - the sixty years James IV and his descendents were banned from the throne 1941-2001
Kilkarney -
elite Irish cadet school
king - a loosely used term equivalent to first lord, can apply regional
Lagos - seat of the West Africa domain (Nigeria)
landsman (woman) - a non-noble holder of land
lawyer - someone who charges money to administer or interpret the law or dispense justice (a capital offence), by extension, anyone condemned to death
Limerick - home of all-Ireland feiseanna every fourth year
lord - title due a domain or family head, executive member, bishop or senior military officer
Lord of Heaven - Orthan name for God
Manse -
headquarters of a domain
MC - Medical Certificate, the credential of a physician
Meathe - a. a common surname b. the commons c. the ard of all swords, both royal and of the islands d. surname of Cormac, second High King
Meta - the earth clockwise from Ortho in the timestream; also "Builder's World"
Metalibrary -
all knowledge stored and accessed electronically
Monaco -
location of exclusive resort owned by Kildare and MacAllister
Moody - large town and capitol on west cost of INA, east of Prime's Vancouver
MT -
Metalibrary Terminal
mutagenic wars -
mid-eighteenth century biological war on Ortho
nannie - short for nanomachine
nanomachine -
a molecular-sized machine, whether specialized or programmable
New Tara -
small capital city on East coast of INA where New York is on Prime
nexus - the division of a world into two; the decision causing this
noncombatant -
one who by station or choice may not fight or be fought
Old Rust - Orthan name for Satan
Old Town - the original palace compound at Tara
Ollamh - seventh level (doctorate) in fine arts, humanities, mathematics, or pure science
Ortho -
also Greater Hibernia or Greater Ireland; between Prime and Meta
Ortho Gaelic -
language of Ortho
palace - originally the king's home, now expanded as the seat of Ortho's government
Para -
Ortho's Federation partner, also called Babylon after its capital
Pax Hibernia -
the peace of Ireland
Penal City -
Australia's one small city, home of Ortho's only prison
People, the - name used by the nations of INA to describe themselves
PIEA - Personal Intelligence Enhancement Appliance
priest - a trained pastor who takes a vow of non-violence except in self-defence, and who may not carry a blade
priest's wife - same qualifications expected and same restrictions apply as to a priest
Prime -
the most populated of the earths; between Waterworld and Ortho (cf Tirdia)
Protector - a. of England, Scotland or Wales, a high noble b. of the throne, wielder of a sword for same
Red Lion - a. device on royal coat of arms b. name of a pub in Old Town
rock - abbrev. shamrock
royal - refers to a member of the royal dynasty after 1800
Royal Cousin - one of James IV, Seamus Meathe, Richard Dennison, Patrick O'Toole, Jack Devereaux, Sr.
royal family -
one of MacCarthy, Ryan, Rourke, Reilly, Monde, Meathe, O'Toole, Devereaux, O'Niall, O'Conor, O'Kelly, O'Brien, Kildare
royal sword - one of thirteen; three enthrone a king, two deny the throne
rust -
an expostulation
seanacha - a historian. The term is usually reserved for an ollamh
sensei -
Japanese Bard
shamrock - basic unit of currency on Ortho
shillelagh -
Irish version of fighting stick with knobs on one or both ends
staff - a. basic unit of measure, six feet, two Prime metres b. a weapon one staff in length carried as a sign of a brehon's authority; not commonly used by warriors
stick - a. common fighting weapon b. obsolete unit of measure (half-staff)
subdomain -
a contracted-out domain responsibility
sword - a. weapon b. obsolete unit of measure (half-staff)
Sword of a Protector of the throne -
four can enthrone a king unless two other holder s object; includes the royal, church, bardic, and island blades, as well as two made for commoners (Transky and O'Dwyer) in 1941
Sword of the Bards - an ornate blade with authority of a royal sword
Sword of the Church - an ornate blade with authority of a royal sword
Sword of the Island - one of Meathe (Ireland), Alba (Scotland) Wales, and Logres (England); the original four, authority equivalent to a royal sword
Tara - capitol of Ireland, seat of her high kings
terebinth - currency on Para
Three Swords Dynasty -
founded 1792 by kings who owned three blades
Three Worlds' War - the war of 1939-1945 on Waterworld, Prime (WW II), and Ortho
timestream - the medium in which all the worlds exist
tithe - the tenth of income owed to a. one's domain b. the crown by a domain c. the church
Tirdia - (God's world) the Irish name for the world called Prime by the Metans
Toronto - cadet school in INA, also offers search and rescue
Traveller, the - Metan name for Joshua Caine, ally to the Destroyer
troubles, the - refers to the Japanese conflicts caused by political and religious divisions between the eastern and western parts of the country
used room salesman - an insulting comparison to those who sell used rooms for (modular) houses
Waterworld - the Earth between Desert and Prime, no large continents
white -
a. as clothing, indicates a non-combatant, b. cowardly
Wild Geese - Orthan exiles on Para

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